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Volunteer Work in Zimbabwe (Africa)         

Since 2015 I have been spending my summers in Zimbabwe to do volunteer work in the Gweru area as a guest of the Diocese.  During my first stint in the country, I stayed mainly in Silobela, at the Loreto Schools, where I helped the local Dominican Sisters with the management of the orphanage, the construction of the new shelter where the children of the poor local families would be fed and with the feeding of the handicapped in the Jairos Jiri center.

Thanks to generous donations from friends, relatives and former students, we have been able to finance 25 scholarships in favor of children studying at Chinyuni primary school, Lalapanzi secondary school, Chaka primary school and at St. Joseph's Hama primary school.  The money donated was used to finance self-generating projects which are meant to provide regular revenue with which to pay the students' tuition till the end of their study cycle.

At the Hozheri Clinic we financed a fridge which now allows the staff to store vaccines with which to vaccinate the local population, when the need arises. In 2016 we also installed a borehole to bring clean water to the clinic.  Another borehole was installed the same year at the Chinyuni Primary School: fully operated with solar panels of Danish make; the fresh water is also tapped by the local community and has made possible the cultivation of crops with which the children are fed at lunchtime.

In Summer 2017 we built an A-level building for the students at Lalapanzi who had no way of attending high school because of the great distance between them and the closest institute.

In 2018 we built from scratch a brand new maternity ward, as part of the rural Hozheri Clinic, to provide the women of that less populated region with a facility where they can go and stay at the 7th month of gestation in order to stand ready to deliver their babies in a comfortable environment equipped with a delivery room, a waiting area and a decompression room, besides enjoying adequate lodging and board until they are able to go back to their rural abodes.  That same year we put a brand new roof on top of a school building in Chinyuini which had been ravaged by a cyclone.

In 2019, instead, we focused on helping the population affected by the nation-wide economic recession and widespread drought by providing seeds, fertiliser, agricultural tools, food, clothing and school fees to the more needy families in Gweru. The next project which we are working on is the construction from scratch of a science lab for the Lalapanzi high school students who need to integrate their theoretical studies with hands-on experimental learning tools.

If you are interested in helping out, please, contact me and I will be more than glad to discuss with you the ways in which you can contribute to the numerous needs of the local community.

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