In the course of the last decade I have put together a network of companies and institutions which have been offering internships to some students of mine though the latter might only be able to speak English. The list of companies spans over a wide range of sectors: legal, financial, political, media as well as non-profit. These are non-paid internships which, however, grant an American student the opportunity of adding an international work experience to his/her resumé.

The companies I have arranged internships with are: the financial advisory firm ADVICORP, the food and wine gourmet company GAMBERO ROSSO, the media company WHERE ROME, the law office of Stigi & Stiefel, the Rosauer law office, the non-profit organization for the deaf-and-mute CABSS, the head hunting firm MCS, the crowd-funding company LOVEITALY, the Foresti-Home Collection textile company and various Members of the Italian Parliament.

If you are interested in learning more about what internship opportunities I currently have, contact me and send me an updated copy of your CV.


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