Hon. Pietro Grasso

President of the Italian Senate and Vice-President of the Republic

The Hon. Pietro Grasso, the President of the Italian Senate and Vice-President of the Italian Republic, has often agreed to meet with my students whenever his schedule will allow him to do so.  On November 9, 2015, he greeted about 50 faculty members, administrators and students from The American University of Rome; 15 nationalities were represented at the time.  He also welcomed my students and the administration from Temple University Rome on February 9, 2015.  We are usually allowed into the Senate Chamber where the group receives President Grasso's warm welcome.  Soon after, we are given a tour of the Senate and, on an exceptional basis, might be allowed into Palazzo Giustiniani where President Grasso has his private apartment and where we are shown the Constitutional Room:  on December 27, 1947, the Italian Republic's Constitution was signed into effect in that very room where the Senate President now receives all dignitaries visiting the Senate.

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