Lecture Series

I believe that my students should have direct exposure to the decision-makers who forge the economic and political policies of the business environment. My teaching style is very hands-on and, therefore, my students are given direct access to top political and business leaders.

In that spirit, for the various universities for which I have taught and am teaching, I have organized a series of Distinguished Lectures. Some of the more prestigious speakers are the following:

The Hon. Pietro Grasso, President of the Italian Senate and Vice-President of the Italian Republic, welcomed to the Senate floor the faculty, administrators and students of The American University of Rome on November 9, 2015, as well as the Temple Rome students on February 9, 2015.

The Hon. Giuliano Poletti, Italian Labor and Welfare Minister, spoke at The American University of Rome on March 11, 2015; the topic of his Distinguished Lecture was  “The Jobs Act and the Reform of Italy’s Labor Legislation".

The Hon. Stefania Giannini, Italian Minister for Education, Universities and Research, came to Temple University Rome Center on November 11, 2014 and spoke on “The Role of Women in Modern Italian Society”.

The Hon. Cecile Kyenge, Italian Minister for Integration, came to The American University of Rome on February 10, 2014 to talk about “The Italian Melting Pot”.

Dr. Patrizia Grieco, President of the Italian Electrical Company ENEL, came to Temple Rome on June 6, 2015 to discuss “ENEL’s Business Strategy”.

The Hon. Michael Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia, and the Hon. Tom Corbett, Governor of Pennsylvania, came to Temple Rome on March 26, 2014, on the occasion of their visit to Pope Francis to invite him to the 2015 World Meeting of Families.

The Hon. Ken Hackett, US Ambassador to the Holy See, came to The American University of Rome on November 25, 2013, and to Temple Rome both on October 6, 2014 and on March 18, 2015; the topics of his lectures were “The Pope’s Visit to the United States” and “US-Vatican Relations”.

The Hon. Ignazio Marino, Mayor of Rome, visited Temple Rome on September 16, 2014 to talk about “The Marino Administration’s City Policy”.

Amb. David Lane, US Representative to the UN Agencies in Rome, was present at The American University of Rome on September 30, 2013 to illustrate “The US Government’s Role within the FAO and WFP”.

The Hon. John Phillips, US Ambassador to Italy, talked about “US-Italy Relations” at The American University of Rome on November 4, 2013.

I was also the person entrusted with the task of organizing a symposium at Temple Rome to discuss the visit of Pope Francis to Philadelphia; the panel was made up of US Ambassador to the Holy See Ken Hackett, Temple University President Neil Theobald, and Prof. Stephan Kampowski.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Temple Rome, I organized a symposium at the NATO Defense College along with an event in City Hall and a cocktail party at Villa Taverna, the US Ambassador’s residence.

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