Northern Italy Study Trips

Trips to Veneto, Liguria and Lombardy for AUR

On several occasions I have organized 4-day trips to the northern regions of Italy which are the most advanced from a business perspective.  These trips have usually been organized for the business students of The American University of Rome.  

In Veneto the group normally spends a night in Treviso so that the following day it can visit the TOGNANA ceramic company, the DE LONGHI home appliance firm, the GEOX footwear and clothing company or the sister company DIADORA which specializes in sportswear.  In the past we have also visited the BENETTON company where we have been given a tour of the company as well as of the showroom and of the training center.  Normally the other two nights are spent in Venice in order to visit the city, meet with City Government officials, take a private tour of the Cathedral and visit a glass production firm on the island of Murano.  

In Lombardy the group stays in Milan where we meet with the US Consul General, the International Marketing Directors of leading companies such as the MOLTENI furniture company, of the liquor CAMPARI company or of the ROCKWELL AUTOMATION company.  The trip will include also a stop at the Lake of Como and to other near-by highlights.

The trip to Liguria includes a stay in Genoa where we meet either with the Mayor of the city or the President of the Liguria Region.  We also visit the Italian Institute of Technology, the companies SELEX ES and ANSALDO STS.  On Saturday the group walks throught the world-renowned Cinqueterre national park and on Sunday we stop in Pisa while returning to Rome.

These visits can be organized upon request for faculty-led groups; I would be accompanying the groups myself in order to act as an interpreter, if necessary.

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