London Study Trips

As part of my "International Business" course, I take my students to visit the city of London where they get exposure to yet another business environment, besides the American and the Italian ones.  This is a 4-day weekend (leaving on Thursday and coming back on Sunday); on Friday I set up an intense schedule with back-to-back visits to the ING Bank to meet with the Executive V-P in charge of Risk Management, to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to meet with the US Executive Director, to the HQs of the Financial Times or of Bloomberg to discuss the nature of the media and information business, to the US Embassy to discuss with the Econ officers the particulars of the British business environment and the nature of US-UK economic relations.  This gives me an opportunity to take the students for a walk through the heart of the City where I explain to them the layout of the throbbing financial heart of the City where I worked during my days at EBRD as Senior Country Officer.


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